What do I get for my setup fee?


  •  Setup of Personal Password Protected Private Office with Connections to Your Website and Your Social Media Network. From your private office you can both post for FREE to your social media network and order pay-as-you-go advertising.
  • Personalized setup of every private office feature. If you do not know what private office includes, CLICK HERE…
  • Instructions on how to best use your private office including how to make your private office an app on your smart phone or tablet.
  • Creation of a personalized listing graphic explaining to your clients how you will sell their home online. A physical copy of this graphic customized to you will be mailed to you as part of your setup fee. Your listing presentation graphic will also be included in .pdf form in your private office  so that you can print extra copies if need be. To learn more about your listing presentation graphic, please CLICK HERE…
  • A customized badge that you can put on your website will be created for you that says: “Every Listing by YOUR NAME HERE is professionally marketed online by Real Agent Connect!” This could link to a page on your website, our website, or to a .pdf of your personalized listing presentation graphic.
  • Graphically designed emails personalized to you explaining how you will sell your clients home online. These emails can optionally be sent by us to your client whenever you create any ad about their listing.
  • Setup of both Facebook and Google ad accounts with our specialized algorithms.


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