Why should I trust my Advertising Dollars to Real Agent Connect?

1. It is extremely cost effective. 90% of new home buyers start their search online and you can reach these people digitally at a fraction of the cost of traditional forms of advertising.

2. The amount of people we bring to your website and the value we provide compared to other online marketing companies is huge. We encourage you to shop around, you will not find anyone like us! We provide individual attention to you in coming up with the perfect online marketing system for your market and budget. We have also spent many thousands of hours researching the best way to sell real estate online.

3. We make it extremely easy to set up one of a kind marketing programs for individual aspects of your business. Our Private Office platform automates posting across your social media network, allows you to order “Big Brand Online Marketing Plans” for your individual listings, and keeps your clients informed on the success. This personalized service sets us apart from any other real estate advertising company out there.

How can I show potential clients the incredible online advertising I will be providing for their home?

We very effectively do this for you! First, we design an animated online marketing video like this one and promote it on YouTube® and Facebook with ads like this one and this one. These ads are targeted to audiences like people already actively looking at real estate online in your sales area and to your past website visitors.

Can I see all the ads you create for my listing when I order a “Big Brand Online Marketing Plan” for it through my Private Office?

Absolutely. We will email you links to all of your ads the moment we create them for you! This is usually done within a few hours of your purchase, but could take up to one business day. We work extremely closely with our clients and this individualized attention we give to every one of our clients is just another reason we stand above the crowd when it comes to online marketing for real estate.

Will I see results right away when I start advertising my listings with Real Agent Connect?

We give you instantaneous results! Unlike traditional SEO programs that can take years, cost thousands of dollars, and still give no results, we will literally bring thousands of interested potential customers to your website overnight and keep you in front of them wherever they travel in the digital world.

Do you keep me informed on the results of all ads that you run for me?

Yes, of course we do. Every month, you will receive a detailed report breaking down every campaign we have ran for you over the previous month.


Have a question for us that was not answered above? We would be happy to answer it for you! Just call us at 780-984-2677 or fill out the form below!

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