Individual Listing Promotions in Private Office

In this area of your Private Office, you would fill out a simple form about your new listing and we would take care of the rest!

To give you an idea as to how we sell listings for our Private Office users, please follow us as we sell a listing for Real Agent Connect Executive Club Member Norm Cholak! The stats below are for one of Norm’s actual listings, only the address and property photo has been changed! The stats are taken from one of our $250CAD (includes advertising budget) 4 Week Private Office Listing Promotions!



*ADDED BONUS! On average, you are likely to gain 10-15 Facebook Page Likes per new listing advertising package given an advertising budget of $90 or more.

*Do I get to see the stats for all my listing advertising packages? Of course you do. A complete statistical break down on how your ads did will be available in a detailed monthly report that we will provide for you! Upon request, reports for individual listings will be available to you or can be sent to your client.

*What happens when my listing sells or is cancelled? When your listing sells or is cancelled and you notify us via Private Office, all ads will be stopped.

*When do I pay for my listing advertising package? All pay-as-you-go advertising packages purchased in Private Office are included in a monthly invoice.





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