Why do we have a set-up fee?


Some Real Estate Advertising companies use catchy words like “Advertise to your Sphere or Local Area” and promote getting “Setup in Minutes”. The problem with this is that they are completely neglecting three things that are extremely important in providing the best value possible in marketing an individual listing online, or creating a true brand awareness program for that matter…


1. Facebook is a powerful tool for promoting individual listings, yet most online advertising companies neglect this because it takes some effort on their end…

Facebook is an important tool for advertising your listings online not only because it will bring thousands of people to the listing on your website, but because it will also start a conversation about your listing between potential buyers that you can become involved in! However, most advertising companies ignore this because it requires some effort on their end to manage a Facebook Business Page for you and this takes time to setup and maintain. They prefer to simply tie into Google Adwords because this takes “minutes” and they ultimately end up keeping upwards of 90% of the advertising budget you give them for themselves. It is never clear what you are paying them and what is being spent on advertising budget. With us, we promote on both Facebook and Google Adwords providing the perfect combination in advertising for your individual listings. We are also 100% up front about what you pay us ($75 per listing) and what goes 100% into advertising your listing.

2. We re-market… properly.

We put the effort in to make sure you have the proper pixels installed on your website (unless re-marketing pixels are installed on your website, any advertising company is not truly re-marketing for you) to capture only the people who have visited a particular listing on your website into an audience. That way, we ensure that your re-marketing ads for a listing are following only people that have already visited the listing on your site around the internet. Whether you think this is creepy or cool, it works to sell your listings, really really well.

3. We keep you and your client happy and informed for you…

Unlike some companies that are never up front about their results because they are simply not providing you the value that they should, we are proud of the results we will achieve and the return on investment you will experience when working with us! Therefore, for every listing advertising package you create with us, we provide a detailed weekly statistical breakdown on the results to both YOU and YOUR CLIENT every single week that it is running, through no effort on your end! You will love the results not only because they will keep your client informed and happy, but because you will also get other business due to the increase in traffic to your website numbering in the thousands for any given listing promotion you run!


Actual Stats for a Recent Listing: $75(Our Cost) + $125 Advertising Budget = $200 cost to you = 38,653 targeted ad impressions and 2,008 Clicks to your website.


So, what would you rather do?

Get started in minutes but get little value? Or, have us put the time and effort in to set you up properly to get the best possible value for your advertising dollar? Our setup takes a few days due to the individual attention we give you and our desire to make sure we provide you with incredible return on investment for your advertising dollar! We guarantee you, the wait is worth it!


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