Did you know that we advertise our clients to YOUR website visitors?

90% of home buyers search online during their home buying process! (This statistic was taken from realtor.org). Therefore, many people have likely used your website to search for their new home.

Did you know that much of the online marketing we do here at Real Agent is targeted towards people that are already actively searching for real estate online in a given area? This means that when someone visits a listing for a home on your site, or any other real estate site, they are picked up by our algorithms and therefore we can market our clients to them!

Taking one of our current clients Norm Cholak as an example, lets say someone has been looking at real estate listings in one of his farm areas (Mill Woods) on various Realtor’s websites including your own. Even if they have not ever visited Norm’s website before, they will start seeing ads all across the internet like the ones below advertising both Norm and his individual listings in Mill Woods.

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 5.40.23 PM

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 5.33.51 PM

Because of the extremely targeted nature of these ads (we targeted exactly who we wanted, people already looking for a home), the stats we have been able to achieve with them have been absolutely staggering.

Here are some results for ads like this for one of our current clients:

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 5.49.34 PM

This means that for our clients $2,100.08 advertising budget, we had ads like the ones above show up 1,412,744 times (yes you read that right 1.4 million times) for people who have already actively been looking at real estate listings online. The institutional advertising aspect of this is absolutely sensational.

From the 1.4 million who saw these ads 11,074 clicked on the ad and visited our clients website. They were then added to our clients re-marketing program (ad campaigns aimed at people based on the pages they visited on our clients website). CLICK HERE TO READ OUR BLOG POST ON THE POWER OF RE-MARKETING…

In the mean time, let the value of what we are talking about here sink in.

Then, when you are ready, fill out the form below to get a FREE Personalized Online Marketing Review about what we could do for you! Yes, we are that confident that you will be extremely impressed with what we come up with! We look forward to hearing from you…

Justin Chwedoruk

Real Agent Connect Sales Manager


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